Only for, only to

“To reveal how the materiality of bodies distributed in time and space can change the way we live and work together.” Bojana Kunts


For the construction of this performance dance a number of people are invited to be part of an artistic process lasting a week, which is organized as training and presentation (s). The preparation and experimentation consists of posing choreographic designs that seek to delocalize the body of known space and try different ways of relating integrally with others. That is why it is so important to follow the choreographic premises as a subtle guide that serves to arouse a space of body reorganization from scenic games that allow establishing an equalized dialogue between perception, action and affection, equation where I actively reflect on one Question, How do we relate ?.
The (public) guest writes his own story in terms of empathy, the point where the view is placed, according to his own subjectivity. At the end of the function, a talk is opened to discuss the experience of participants and guests (public).


Its play that seeks through the use of the scene and movement to establish a state in which the presence and act are one event


Es una puesta en espacio que busca a través del uso de la escena y del movimiento establecer un estado en que la presencia y el acto sean un mismo acontecimiento.


Concept and choreographic research Shuadd Atala. Audiovisual design Juanpablo Avendaño. Production Teatro Línea de Sombra.