About us


Zuadd Atala (Ciudad de México, 1976)


Scenic artist with training in contemporary dance and theater, she studied at the Theatre Research Centre (1996-1999) and the School of Dance of the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes (2001-2003), then she studied a diplomat at Teatro del Cuerpo (2005-2006), de la Compañía Teatro Línea de Sombra.
Since 1996 to date she has worked with national and international directors and choreographers.
Currently, her training and research are based on the body practices, the inhabited installation and the documentary scene; gradually, it has defined her artistic work, this research has resulted in the creation of items such as: “If I am going to live once, I wanna be blonde”; “Only for, Only to” and “what underlies beneath”.


Juanpablo Avendaño Avila (Mexico City, 1978)


Highlights the fact that his practices go through different means and media such as drawing, design, moving image, the intervention of spaces, stage – performative and editing.
Starting from a need to investigate ways and means for articulation of languages, he has participated in courses, workshops and seminars such as: the social space of the New Media, José Luis Brea ; Aesthetic and political practices in the net by Laura Baigorri ; Border theatrics by Emilio Garcia Webi ; The real in the contemporary scene taught by Antonio Sanchez. He is a graduate from the first generation of the diplomat Theater of the body, under the artistic direction of Ileana Diéguez Antonio Peñuñuri , Alicia Sanchez and Jorge Arturo Vargas.
He is a creative collaborator, with Jorge Perez Escamilla, in the TRCV, an art project that finds its way from the non-determination and drift. Founder and operating partner with Marcela Flores, Adriana Casas, Edwin Culp from Conejoblanco Gallery Books, a company which combined, from 2006 to 2011, the experience of having a bookstore cafe specialized in arts and humanities, with programming – exhibition of various cultural samples.
In 2009, he started working as a freelancer for the formation of coordinated teams for the development and management of projects, practice that leads him to his current career as a creative co producer for the starting point of CCD / Radio, the internet radio platform of Digital Culture center.


Blonde Co. is an artistic identity that involves different artists participating, since 2012, in pieces and labs that make people think of the body as a place of memory, being able to bring awareness to what it is drawn, transited or written post -perhaps- to dislocate the separation between daily life and poetry when inhabiting a space. With scenic devices seeking to include the active relationship between those who attend-participate in scenarios where subjects, interested in collective thinking, are tested; where a choreography of stories will finally unveil as a canvas, like a map, with different views and strokes.